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When did you become a Christian? (age?, circumstances if you wish) How would you describe what its like being a Christian. Is it what you imagined it would be like before you became one? ( if relevant)\par \plain\f16

I suppose I thought I understood what a Christian was from a very early age. I had been exposed to a lot of old-time Methodism by my folks, and they taught me about Jesus and the Golden Rule and all of that... If you'd asked me was I a Christian I would have said 'well, I guess,' and would have described my background, just like most people would. I was so wrapped up in wanting to be an expressive artist (which is OK) that I couldn't see the wood for the trees so to speak. I reached a turning point in my life, I was keenly aware of my need for a relationship, not just religion (which I wasn't too good at anyway). It sort of came down to admitting my need for His help, and not just running my own show. Beginning to learn that is what they call being a disciple. That new birth is the start of this fantastic journey.\par \plain\b\

Am I right in thinking that you are a native of Texas and have you gone back to your home town or a different part of the state? What about Kristi?\par \plain\f16

I am from Lubbock area as a kid and then as a teen, San Marcos, between Austin and San Antonio, we moved back here just before Christmas '98. Austin is a real music centre, so I guess that had an influence early on. Kristi is from what we call the 'valley', the Rio Grande Valley about 300 miles south of us\

What\'92s it like where you live now...climate, countryside, population large? small?\par \plain\f16 Our weather is so mild most of the time, except summer (mid-April to mid Sept.) which is a scorcher. Our winter is almost like your summer with less rain. San Marcos is about 30,000 people, but I think there are about 15,000 that never sit still long enough to be counted. We have wild deer and scorpions and rattlesnakes, and some cactus, but it is not a desert here, sort of hilly. \plain\b\f16 \par \plain\b\i\f16 How long had you been living in N Ireland and how did you come to be in NI in the first place?\par \plain\f16 I first came here in the 70\'92s with a band called Liberation Suite, which was made up of me and some buddies from Texas, a Christian rock outfit, we played to a lot of folk here and made a lot of really great friends, some that later went to the USA. Those relationships sort of sparked the idea to tour here again in \'9190 and \'9191.The band scaled down a little, and I went on to solo stuff. I have always loved y\'92all over there, the sense of humour, the good fellowship! Over the years I have played and lived in a lot of places, but I think there\'92s nothin\'92 like \'93Norn Iron\'94.\plain\b\f16 \par \plain\b\i\f16 I see you\'92re going, God willing, to be involved with a number of churches in the states, leading worship, playing concerts and doing evangelism there anything specific that you would like to share about that?\par \plain\f16 It seems to be the start of a new phase, playing in America. To tell you the truth I have never been that fired up about the states before, but it\'92s sort of like God is showing me that people are the same everywhere, whether you are in Texas or Alaska or L.A. or Cullybackey. I am excited about some of the things that are coming together in Texas at the minute, especially to see Christians starting to be not so divided, to stop saying \'93I\'92m over here with my little group and we\'92re right, so stuff the rest of you\'94 and to see some honest Christian unity between God\'92s people. \plain\b\f16 \par \plain\b\i\f16 Regarding the summer, is there anything specific that you are planning to be doing here that you would like to share about...perhaps events/concerts? (You can talk about Suffolk if you wish!!!)\par \plain\f16 I sure hope I get to do some more like last summer. The community festivals are so fun and relaxed, and leading worship in churches is a blast too. I must admit I like getting out into the community the best, not just shut into a church building.\plain\b\f16 \par \plain\b\i\f16 Your last CD to you (which I loved) had quite a bit of "live" worship on it. How did you find that, was it a good experience, would you do something like that again?\par \plain\f16 On the whole I loved it. The technical prep work for a live recording could make you crazy, but the actual playing in worship to God is the good part. The tape ran out, but we kept on goin\'92 for a long time. God doesn\'92t worry about the tape running out.\plain\b\f16 \par \plain\b\i\f16 Will you be putting a new CD out later this year?\par \plain\f16 Probably not til late in \'9199 at the soonest. It\'92s been a wild schedule for 2 years. I\'92m having a little break from touring and recording. Just a couple of trips out this spring, and back to NI in the summer. I feel it\'92s important, some quality time with Kristi and Jack our little 3 year old. \par \plain\b\i\f16 If you have an anecdotal story regarding God\'92s dealings in your life, either recent or at any time that you would like to share that would be great.\par \plain\f16 You know people study, all their lives sometimes, to know about religion and theology, and sometimes we get tangled up in the complexities of life. But, you know, my life, traveling, touring, being this whatever it is I am, doesn\'92t hold a candle to the beauty of the relationship of a parent and child. When my little boy comes and says, \'93daddy, you want to come out and play with me\'94 that tug on my heart gives me a glimpse of how our Father in heaven wants a relationship with us. I was just so reminded that if we ask of Him then He wants to help. I wouldn\'92t trade that for a hundred command performances. \par \pard \par \plain\b\f8\fs48\cf1 }