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  Barry Bynum: Contraflow Productions Contraflow Productions is a joint venture with Barry Bynum, Christian Fellowship, and Roy Rainey
of Upstream Northern Ireland. Contraflow's main purpose is to glorify God through music, and to give proper platform of expression to our small roster of artists who are Christians, so that they may share of their lives in Christ and their art with others.
  Company Headquarters:
USA: 1441 Highland Dr.
San Marcos, Tx. 78666

UK (a) CFC Strandtown,
The Shop att. Joan
10 Belmont Road
BELFAST BT-4 N. Ireland U.K.

NOW AVAILABLE!!! Barry Bynum's newest CD, "To You", 67 minutes of music including 21 minutes of exciting live worship recorded in Ireland, Oct '98, and 8 studio tracks for $14.50 U.S. inc. S & H. Also available soon: the 1995 studio release "Stickin' your Neck Out", for $12.00.
UK and Europe residents please buy this from