Worship Leader, Barry Bynum

  • thank you so much for calling up this page!!, and your support!!!

  • The Lord has blessed us tremendously..........
  • I have now been accepted for a position at Hill Country Faith Ministries in San Marcos,TX.(see: Hill Country )but I will probably be doing a limited number of outside concerts and short overseas and some U.S. touring occasionally....

  • I can still be emailed at : barrybynum@hotmail.com

  • Thank you so much to all of you that have prayed and encouraged us through this transition

  • Barry Bynum, Worship Leader, Songwriter, Guitarist

  • (was) available for position at a church in Austin - San Marcos, Texas area
    Please email me at barrybynum@hotmail.com

Worship leader / guitarist, experienced, seeks position
I have over 20 years exp. in Contemporary Christian Music, and about 3 years leading worship in a church. I feel called, have a heart for leading musical worship in a vibrant church that uses contemporary forms. I have recently relocated my family after 6 years in Ireland on mission. My work has included touring, recording, arranging music for instruments and vocals, and mentoring young musicians musically and spiritually. I will provide resume and references to interested parties...

In Jesus Christ the Lord, .... Barry

The Heart of Worship

I feel that the WORSHIP of God in our lives is related mainly to the state of our walk with Him, and our giving of ourselves as a living sacrifice. The EXPRESSION of worship or the WORSHIP FORMAT is the music, dance, praise, spoken word, or what we often call the "service". My aim is to promote heartfelt expression of worship of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and as a response of grattitude bring Him the highest excellence I can.

Please email me at barrybynum@hotmail.com as soon as you can.... the Lord bless you and I thank you!!!!

Jesus is the King of Kings!!!!